Main features and benefits

Equitrac Professional 5 is a market-leading print management and cost recovery solution for law firms, architecture and engineering companies, consultants and other professional services providers.

Equitrac Professional 5 including the Equitrac Legal Solution, allows you to capture, allocate and accurately bill for any client expense generated anywhere in your firm.

.  Equitrac Professional 5 provides an easy tool to track every activity from Nashuatec/Ricoh Multifunction devices, and integrates with client databases to allocate any activity to the relevant Client and Project or Matter codes. 

 Equitrac Professional 5 is available as an printer embedded solution or a separate terminal based package.

Equitrac Professional 5 print cost control for professional firms

Bullet point benefits

◦        Enterprise-wide cost recovery and expense management
◦        Improved Law Firm Finances
◦        Integration with new generation of embedded cost recovery solutions(inc Ricoh & eCOPY)
◦        Integrated tracking and cost recovery for every output device on the network
◦        Follow You printing
◦        Call Accounting
◦        Time and Billing integration
◦        Rapid return on investment

Ask for a demonstration of this feature packed product to fully evaluate your needs and highlight the return on investment that Equitrac can bring to your organisation