An eCopy Connector has been developed to seamlessly integrate paper documents with Invu document management and workflow applications. This allows joint Invu and eCopy users to easily capture and transmit paper-based content into their Invu system. 

This reduces the amount of time wasted trying to find critical documents that have been poorly filed and makes them immediately referenceable as they can be called up electronically.  As an authorised eCopy sales and service centre, Reflex offers the full eCopy ShareScan Suite of products and Connector Software that dramatically improves access to paper-based information.

eCopy compliments INVU and is a natural partner because it enables users to input documents via their multifunction photocopier device by using a large touch screen console on the eCopy ScanStation, making it very easy for users to scan documents to the desired destination.

Bundled with the eCopy ScanStation, eCopy provides Quick Connect a standard feature which can easily automate transmission of scanned documents into INVU or other business enterprise software outside of INVU.  In fact up to 9 shortcut buttons can be tailored to your needs automating the otherwise mundane.

The eCopy family of products enables Accountancy Practises to transform paper documents into information that is easily integrated into commonly used business applications. Using the eCopy Suite, organisations can provide open access to scanning from the office photocopier that connects to the company’s e-mail, fax, document management system, and other networked enterprise applications for low-cost, easy, instantaneous distribution and management of digital copies of paper documents.

This allows your practise to leverage the investment from the office networked photocopier, providing a very versatile, productive and simple scanning solution, leaving INVU a software specialist to focus on the support of their document management software.